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Contribution starting from RM 2.03 per month


Minimum Coverage starting from RM 10,000


Cover term until age 60 years old

The Benefits

Death Benefit

Total and Permanent Disability

Badal Hajj / Welfare Donation (RM2500 payout)

Funeral Benefit (RM 3000 payout)

Death due to Accident (200% payout of Coverage amount)

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FWD Kasih

Contribution as low as RM 2.03 per month (based on Female age 19-39 years old for RM10,000 coverage)

  • Up to 100% Rebate (T&C Applies)
  • Promotion ends 31st Mar 2021

 Terms & Conditions 

How to submit your Contribution Rebate

FWD Kasih Details