200 Cancer Care

AXA cancer care

1 out of 4 Malaysians will develop CANCER in their lifetime. Cancer has the highest claims for participating life insurance companies in Malaysia. The cost of cancer treatment is EXPENSIVE , 50% of cancer patients will be financially broke a year after Diagnosis. Annual Increase of Medical Cost , medical Inflation in Malaysia Averages About 12% Per Annum.

Key Benefits

  • Financial support up to 200% sum insured
  • Premium fixed for 20 years
  • Claim amount transfer directly to bank account.
  • Concierge service 24/7.
  • Second medical opinion upon request.
  • Support and information via Learn My Protection online portal.

Our Product

Cancer is a continuous journey, a burden that will take money and time to cure. It is also an emotional worry, not only for those diagnosed but also for the people around them. The good news is you need not face it alone. By being prepared mentally, financially and emotionally, you can live a quality life even when the unfortunate happens. How can we manage the risk and be well prepared against Cancer? With 200 Cancer Care, we care for you even before anything happens. You will have access to information to lead a healthy lifestyle and gain tips on Cancer prevention. If the unthinkable happens, our all-rounded protection will ensure that you have the means to seek early treatment for better chance of recovery. Our support does not just end there, we provide assistance in dealing with your recovery all the way towards your new normal life, worry-free. For more product info, click here.

Benefit / Coverage

Therapy Care Benefit: One-off payout.

Get Well Benefit: Additional payout annually for 5 installments.

Arrange a Second Medical Opinion upon your request.

Concierge service arrangement.

Bereavement Benefit.
Guaranteed level premium.


1. Download and submit the completed claim form with all listed supporting documents to AXA.

2. For 200 Cancer Care : 200 Cancer Care Claim Form.

3. Upon receipt of full documents, AXA will revert with claim decision within 7 working days.

4. E-claim payment within 7 working days from your claim approval date.

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